Clevasoft London - Web and Windows Software Development Enterprise

Welcome to Clevasoft London UK. We are Information Technology (web design and software) developers, consultants, vendors and application support engineers. We deliver a range of IT products and services especially to small and medium scale organisations, including individuals seeking productive use of both web and windows driven technologies with the clear goal of advancing their various concerns. Our team of developers are able to design and build for clients, bespoke, high quality and easy to use desktop software, web and database centred applications

Affordable Products and Services

Our suite of custom desktop software products plus our web design, development, maintenance and hosting services are quite affordable and offer good value for money. The choice websites and business specific (online based) software built by our web application development team are created to meeting several business goals which may include:

  • the need to increase productivity and efficiency in the work environment
  • the advertisement of goods and services offered by clients
  • enabling global access to work related technologies (software)
  • the improvement of personal or corporate image of individuals and organisations
  • the monitoring of online market trend analyses
  • the provision of non-commercial services
  • the publication of faith based contents over the internet

After Sales Support

While our products and services are affordable, we are equally committed to providing comprehensive after sales support to our clientele. Send us email at and we shall contact you at the earliest possible time.

Embarking on a Website or Software Development Project

As an IT company, we are aware that the task of owning a website or desktop application in order to grow your business can sometimes prove very challenging. This appears to be the case with entrepreneurs whose knowledge of information technology or computer literacy may be described as somewhat modest. However our company has a policy to provide adequate support to help business owners and individuals acquire the computer technology or solution they seek irrespective of how literate they are in computing.

We are proud to mention that we have successfully built both websites and desktop software for a good number of our existing clients who simply presented our development team with a rough sketch and description of their business requirements. It is that simple when it concerns us at Clevasoft London UK.

Start now to get a Website or Software built

You do not have to wait to begin the development of your website or desktop software. Just click the Get Quote link to start off the process. We guarantee that your dream IT project would become a reality in a matter of weeks. For additional information, email us at and we shall contact you at the earliest possible time.